“Roger Pines has been a valuable dramaturg, historian, and writer to me. His encyclopedic knowledge of singers and singing is hugely valuable to both artists and presenters. I recommend him highly for any number of services.”

Renée Fleming, soprano

“Roger is a terrifically well-informed source for insight and knowledge in vocal repertory, and I have enjoyed working with him on the operatic roles I sing. His understanding of genre, repertory and vocal Fach is encyclopedic, and he has helped me find fun and interesting rep for concerts and recitals. Whether as a writer, speaker, dramaturg, repertoire adviser, or adjudicator, he would have my highest recommendation.”

—  Matthew Polenzanitenor

“Roger Pines has touched my life and made it golden. The mentorship that I have received from him has been one of my guiding stars throughout my education and career, and he continues to be a source of inspiration for me. Whenever I am looking for a new piece of repertoire, a new perspective on a piece or even to know what great singers came before me, Roger is a never-ending resource of knowledge and can truly show you how a performance is special. On a personal note, his passion for opera is the most infectious, wonderful blessing. He knows how to work with any sort of artist, inexperienced or seasoned, and help them reach their fullest potential. I cannot recommend him more highly— his mentorship has been one of the greatest relationships in my life.”

—  Emily Pogorelc, soprano

Composers & Directors:

“It may be that a living composer is in the best position to judge how well done the use of projected titles can be when that composer sees them accompany his or her own opera. If that is so, Roger Pines is at the top of my list.”

—Dominick Argento, composer of  The Aspern Papers, The Death of Valentino, and other acclaimed American operas

“Roger Pines’s sensitive and intelligent titles make audiences as aware of the libretto as the composer was. At last we have — truly — opera as drama. This, one feels, is what the composer meant. Music in the service of words; word in the service of music — in other words: ‘Gesamtkunstwerk.’ The complete and accessible event.”

— Mark Lamos, opera and theater director

“Bringing Roger to the Butler Opera Center to share his love and thorough knowledge of the golden age of singers was well-worth our investment.  Our students were mesmerized by the variety of recordings of singers presented by Roger; some familiar, some less familiar, and others completely new to them.  I only wish we had more time to dedicate to this subject!”

Kelly Kuo, director of opera program, University of Texas at Austin


For Rossini’s  Il turco in Italia at The Dallas Opera:

“Roger Pines’s English projections helped immeasurably. The frequent laughter simply never would have occurred without them.”

— Dallas Times Herald 

For Puccini’s La bohème at San Diego Opera:

“Roger Pines’s supertitles appearing above the stage were the best yet utilized by SDO: excellently translated and perfectly timed to the dramatic action and musical content.”

— San Diego Daily Transcript 


From students attending Roger’s presentations on historically important singing, University of Texas at Austin:

“I loved Mr. Pines’s lectures! I was reminded of why I fell in love with classical voice in the first place, and inspired to go away and do some searching and listening on my own.”

“I found the class to be very interesting. As a young singer, I listen to a lot of recordings of singers before me, but often listen to the same singers frequently. Ones that I am familiar with, but this course exposed me to so many different singers. Ones that I had never heard of. Singers that I have now added to my list of recordings. The class was enlightening. I would recommend this to any young artist.”

“I truly enjoyed Roger Pines’s lectures and found them to be in-depth, entertaining, and highly educational. I had not heard of 70% of the singers he introduced me to, and now I have a wide range of options when listening to mezzos and contraltos.”

“You were able to find the gaps in my education and extend it fully by just relaying the history of opera voices! Thank you!”

“It was a really good class! I was so amazed by his huge resources and knowledge.”

From attendees of “The Glory of Great Singing,” Roger’s seminar at the Newberry Library in Chicago:

“Excellent teacher. Professional knowledge of subject. His joy in the material was expertly transmitted to students…Knowledge of subject, enthusiasm for it, good blend of lecture and audio-visual aids.”

“WONDERFUL! He is delightful and non-judgmental in requesting and getting our reactions to the singers…Roger knows SO much about music and is so passionate about singers. This course was so well thought-out and prepared.”

From a student in Roger’s Opera Repertoire course, Bienen School of Music, Northwestern University:

I wanted to thank you greatly for your class. Both the class in the fall and in the spring have been one of my favorite classes I have taken in the Bienen School of Music. I loved the structure of the class, listening to older recordings, and hearing what you had to say about the works and the singers. I got so much out of the class and the notes I have from it will stay with me forever. Thank you again so much.

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